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5- Most Downloaded Moodle Plugins In 2017

Here we go for the 5 Must have Moodle Plugins in terms of download:

  1. Interactive Content – H5P
  2. BigBlueButtonBN
  3. Completion Progress
  4. Configurable Reports
  5. Level up!

Let’s check out what are the aspects of Moodle Plugins features on Moodle usability and Moodle functionality

A) Interactive Content – H5P 

  1. Moodle users can create interactive contents by using H5P, mainly focussed on improving the interactivity, usability and accessibility.
  2. H5P is an open source responsive plugin which is free to use, which gives you access plenty of different interactive content types.
  3. It creates and add rich content to your LMS by using AJAX request, Cover page, Control buttons, Page Markers etc .


Moodle Interactive Content – H5P

Image source: Moodle.org

Here is the link to Download Interactive Content – H5P.

B) BigBlueButtonBN

  1. BigBlueButtonBN – plugin is an active element of Moodle, which enables the web conferencing system for the learners who may not always be physically present at School, Colleges, Universities and Corporate Workplaces.
  2. BigBlueButtonBN can perform real-time sharing of video, screen, chats, slides, emoticons etc.
  3. The BigBlueButtonBN empowers you to make various types of activity links on BigBlueButtonBN session within any enrolled courses.
  4. Students are restricted to take part in any session until the educator joins.
  5. Generate a custom Welcome message which shows at the top of chat window while user joining the session.
  6. Records and manages your session.


Moodle BigBlueButtonBN

Image source: Moodle.org

Here is the link to Download BigBlueButtonBN.

C) Completion Progress 

  1. Completion Progress Plugin is a time management system for students.
  2. It enables visual representation of students’ progress with the color code, which helps students to identify what they have done and have not done.
  3. It enable Overview page for educators to track all students’ progress in the class and offer help to the students “Who Are At Risk”.

Moodle Overview of Student Completion Progress

Image source: Moodle.org

Here is the link to Download Completion Progress.

D) Configurable Reports

  1. This plugin is a Moodle custom report builder.
  2. We can generate custom reports like courses reports, user’s reports, timeline reports etc. without SQL knowledge.


Moodle custom report builder

Image source: Moodle.org

Here is the link to Download Configurable Reports.

E) Live up!

  1. Live up is a customizable block which enables a gamification element to the course and give the experience points per course automatically to the student based on their activity.
  2. Students are restricted to access the course content until they reach the required level.


Level up!Level up!2

Image source: Moodle.org      

Here is the link to Download Live up!

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